Gain Peace of Mind

  Here at Central Comm we understand that every call is an opportunity for your business to make a current client happy or impress and gain a new customer or client. With live, fully bilingual, friendly, expertly trained team members ready to take your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a […]

Central Comm, Customer Service Matters

  At Central Comm, we not only service our customers, we service our customers’ customers. If you think customer service is an important tool in your business tool belt, just imagine how critical good customer service is to Central Comm’s business.

News for Accountants

  Would you be surprised to learn that Central Comm has accountants in our client base?

Outsourcing Social Media

  Central Comm and others were the first companies which accommodated, and even encouraged outsourcing. Companies like ours saw a need for services which support businesses of all sizes, but which did not require companies to hire additional personnel to fulfill those needs. We were the original outsourcing resource, if you will. 

On Line or In Person

  On Line or In Person. That’s the choice here. But does it truly have to be either or? In these days of online everything it’s all too easy for people to become physically isolated from the world, and it’s something that troubles some people dearly. But I say that’s a little bit of pish […]

The Importance Of Laughter In the Workplace

Today, more than ever, it seems like bad news is literally everywhere. People are killing each other, it seems like there’s a new war breaking out every month, everyone’s mad at everyone. The world is tough right now. The best cure for all of this awfulness is a little Laughter.

Finding Job Candidates Via Social Media?

The job market is going strong these days, which makes it easier for those who have been displaced for a long time to find work, and perhaps find better opportunities than were available just a year or two ago. But it also make the competition for good workers more difficult to contend with. So, what […]

Preparing For a New Year

If you are a new business owner and you aren’t quite certain how the end of year works just yet, Quicken has some great information on just how you should close out 2017: “Even if you have an accountant on staff or retainer, it’s still important to keep track of your finances yourself. It just makes good […]

Healthcare Answering Services

Central Communications has over 60 years of experience excelling in providing a professional answering service for your thriving healthcare practice. Whether serving patients in the medical, dental, hospice, or academic fields, our specially trained Call Center Agents will provide HIPAA compliant service and ensure confidentiality for your patients. “We believe in the best: the best […]

After Hours Phone Answering

  In this open 24 hour a day world we now live in there is no time that businesses are really closed is there? With the power of the internet, open 24 hours a days as well, those regular business hours may be from 9-5 are not a limitation which every customer is willing to live […]