Things You Should Do At Work

  At Central Comm we are pretty fortunate. Most of the people who work here are glad to work for us and it shows. But every once in a while we hear about someone at a customer’s workplace who just … Continued

Staying Positive

Inspiration: If you have ever spent an entire day answering phones, whether it be as a virtual receptionist, an answering service, a dispatch service, it can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be taxing at times.

Central Comm Answers Phones

Central Communications, what does that mean? To us at Central Comm. here in Riverside, CA and Henderson NV,it means what it says. We are a central point for communications. Our clients have worked hard to build their businesses, whether it … Continued

Message and Data Delivery Options Answering Service.

Central Communications is a state of the art Answering Service Provider. We  provide services for companies all throughout the United States. Whether through our Free Web Portal, Text Message (SMS), Secure SMS Smartphone App (HIPAA Compliant), Email, Pager, Voice Mail … Continued

Call Center Services

Central Communications is fully capable of becoming your full-time off-site administrative support. Let us set up appointments, communicate appointment change information and perform appointment reminder calls for your clients. Agents are also able to screen callers, provide office information, and offer … Continued

Answering Service & Your Business

Consider this, no matter how carefully you create your Brand Identity, you craft your website and how good your products are, your business relationships can be shattered in a nano second by the person answering your phones. What is that … Continued

Central Comm. Can Be Your Receptionist!

        Central Communications employs professional men and women who know how important it is to answer calls in a patient and professional manner. Receptionists and operators are a vital front line for your business. You can win … Continued

Call Center Services Offer You The Benefit Of A Full Staff!

Call Center Services Offer You the Benefit of a Full Staff Discover how call center services can provide your business with 24/7 coverage, product fulfillment services, customer support and administrative support. If you’re a company that deals in products or … Continued