Gain Peace of Mind

  Here at Central Comm we understand that every call is an opportunity for your business to make a current client happy or impress and gain a new customer or client. With live, fully bilingual, friendly, expertly trained team members ready … Continued

The Added Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist

  There’s a funny, not funny, situation which occurs every so often at our answering service. We have had customers call us and say, thank you. Thank you for the great service we receive from our Central Comm virtual receptionist. … Continued

How to Interact With An Unhappy Customer

If your company is like Central Comm, most of our customers love us, and they rarely get angry with us. But we answer phone calls for other people’s company’s and sometimes their customers get really upset.

How Phone Calls Are Answered Is Important

Has this ever happened to you? You call a company for the first time and the person who answers the phone is rude. What is your inclination? Do you give that company a second chance, assume the person answering the … Continued

To Make a Call or Not to Make a Call…

Too often these days, instead of picking up the phone to call a co-worker or a customer, we will send an email. We think it saves time and it is a more effective method of communicating, but is it really. … Continued

Investing Back Into Your Business This Year

  I would like to continue the theme put forth in our previous blog posts. In writing about investing back into our businesses to make them more efficient, and perhaps also help them to generate greeater profits, I have found … Continued

Choose One of The Best Answering Services

Central Comm is an award winning Answering Service/Virtual Receptionist/Call Center. We have been in business for upwards of 50 years now, but while some see that as an asset, others might say, “not so fast, are you still innovative?” and … Continued

Messaging and Answering Services

Central Communications Telephone Agents are trained to become an extension of your current practice’s workforce. Handling each of your calls in a professional, expert, and prompt manner, agents and are able to provide services for your law practice day or … Continued

Call Center Services

Central Communications is fully capable of becoming your full-time off-site administrative support. Let us set up appointments, communicate appointment change information and perform appointment reminder calls for your clients. Agents are also able to screen callers, provide office information, and offer … Continued

Answering Phones for High Profile Clients

At Central Communications, we believe that all of our customers and their customers deserve to be treated with respect. Our operators and virtual receptionists at Central Comm. know that everyone deserves a certain amount of respect and most times, if … Continued