On Line or In Person


work live space, small companies answering services, virtual receptionist servicesOn Line or In Person. That’s the choice here. But does it truly have to be either or?

In these days of online everything it’s all too easy for people to become physically isolated from the world, and it’s something that troubles some people dearly. But I say that’s a little bit of pish tosh. Just as was the prevalent dire warning when Videos were introduced to the world, it meant that Movie theaters and films would cease to exist. I think that yes, things tend to flow in the direction of the latest new thing for a while, but I also believe that most of us are social creatures. We will eventually crave human interaction.

While we do all use out smart phones for pretty much everything we also use Networking groups, professional clubs such as Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Exchange Club to get in front of people and interact. Perhaps the first intent is to get new business, but over time, friendships develop and we build a deeper personal connection.

Younger people might not be in the same mind set, so it’s’ them I worry about more, and retired people, who have more difficulty getting out and about are also of concern. But every day I see more people reaching out for personal interaction

I see young people gathering to play card games, go on Pokémon hunts. Some gathering in teams for video game competitions. For every way there is to become isolated in today’s world, there seems to be another way to get out and stay in touch. People just have to be motivated enough to go out and get a little uncomfortable for a short while, until they have time to bond over common interests with another person.

I have even watched people who haven’t been in touch for years arrange to meet and spend time together. If it weren’t for them getting in touch online, those reunions would have never come to be.

For every dark side of something, often there is a silver lining and that’s what we all have to look for. Yes, the global community is having struggles, but there are also people who are stepping up and empowering each other. There are new live/work spaces springing up in cities all over the world, where entrepreneurs or small startups can rent office space relatively cheaply, and even rent a small apartment in the same complex. Often there are also bistros and bars where folks can gather and get to know each other.

In closing, it’s my opinion that people can choose to live both an online and in person life. It’s a fact those who choose the online only life and lonely and isolated, so get out and meet some people.

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