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Would you be surprised to learn that Central Comm has accountants in our client base? Yes, we do, and I am not sure it should come as a surprise. Not all of the accounting firms who hire us use our services full time, all year around. Some of them hire us full time for December through June, and then just for overflow calls from July through November.

When all the great accounting software started hitting the market, it was assumed that those software packages would take the place of hiring accountants and book keepers, but it would seem that just the opposite has happened. More firms are hiring accounting firms and book keepers to keep their financials on track than ever before.

So, what is in store for accountants in 2019? Besides having a great answering service or virtual receptionist to handle their phone calls? The Website CPA Advisor had some suggestions, some of which were pretty obvious, like having great analytical skills, but one stood out as something we bet not all accounting firms will think of:

 “Technologically Savvy

Technology is transforming nearly every aspect of accounting, from interacting with clients to workflow management software programs. Today’s accountants must be comfortable in discussing new technology and figuring out the best way for it to integrate into the firm. Of course, the technology should be upgraded every few years to keep up with inevitable changes and advancements. Accounting firms that don’t embrace the world of information technology will soon be left behind by their competition.”

Not only should accounting firms be tech savvy for their own operations, they should also be on the lookout for tech advances which can save their clients’ time and money.

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