Collaboration When Distance Is an Issue

    Today, with the Cloud and the myriad of collaborative software programs, the issue of dealing with team projects involving people all over the country, or perhaps all over the world, is much easier to deal with. We have clients at Central Comm who have offices all over and they provide us with the […]

Investing Back Into Your Business This Year

  I would like to continue the theme put forth in our previous blog posts. In writing about investing back into our businesses to make them more efficient, and perhaps also help them to generate greeater profits, I have found a great article at Forbes Magazine. The company, Essilor France, has developed new applications and […]

Smart Phone, Computer, Both?

I have a smart phone, and if it weren’t for the fact that typing documents with my thumbs would be simply too silly to contemplate, there are so many things I now use my smart phone for that I used to need a computer to do, I have been wondering sometimes if I really  need a […]

Central Comm Answering Service and Las Vegas

Central Communications Answering Service answers phones, dispatches calls, handles orders, serves as your virtual receptionist and we perform these duties for companies all over the United States. Recently, we opened another answering service the Las Vegas, Nevada area in neighboring Henderson, NV. Henderson is a growing city, and a great place to live and work. From […]

Employee Success

All too often, companies take their employees for granted. It may have been easy to take them for granted when the job market was tight and people had no alternative , but the job market is opening up, and people are moving towards companies who will offer better opportunities and will value the people who […]

Message and Data Delivery Options

Whether through our Free Web Portal, Text Message (SMS), Secure SMS Smartphone App (HIPAA Compliant), Email, Pager, Voice Mail or by Fax, Central Communications has a variety of options on how clients can receive information and messages related to their service. Even further, our services are completely customizable, and Central Communications is happy to adapt […]

Central Comm Tech Post-Safety In Numbers

It’s tech sharing time of the month once again. At Central Communications we love finding out about new tech devices that could change the way we live our lives. This one is particularly useful for those of our customers who need to store sensitive data. “The Aegis Padlock Secure Drive provides a portable hard drive and secure […]

Formula E Racing

This is one invention my staff here at Central Communications has been excited for. Electric cars have been a pressing matter as of late, as our dependence on fossil fuel and it’s affect on the environment continue. There is a myriad of other issues with gasoline and oil usage but with this budding trend, the […]

More Interesting Tech For 2014

  The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 makes battery hassles a thing of the past, even indoors. The keyboard connects automatically via a 2.4GHz wireless unifying receiver, and the solar battery will stay charged for up to 3 months, even in total darkness. Now this is a High Tech device that can be used inside and outside […]

New Tech Expected In 2014

Beam yourself across the world in 2014 “The growth in video communication has been exponential. Skype now boasts 300 million users, and a 2012 Ipsos/Reuters poll revealed one in five people worldwide now frequently “telecommuted” to work. But Star Trek fans will be happy to hear that incoming technology will add a further dimension to […]