Outsourcing Social Media


attorney answering service, e-commerce answering servie, answering service for business, call centerCentral Comm and others were the first companies which accommodated, and even encouraged outsourcing. Companies like ours saw a need for services which support businesses of all sizes, but which did not require companies to hire additional personnel to fulfill those needs. We were the original outsourcing resource, if you will. 

Today, there are more options than ever for contracting companies outside your own to perform certain work which your company is not currently able to handle in house. Take social media, for example. More and more companies are hiring professional social media marketing companies to handle their social media campaigns.

Have you been contemplating outsourcing social media marketing activities to get a grip on ever-evolving platforms, algorithms, and audiences?

You’re not alone. SocialFresh says that only 57% of social marketers, at brands, are doing all their social advertising in-house.

One popular media mentor always says you go to bed understanding Facebook and wake up to a brand-new system.  Isn’t that true? Even big powerful corporations have outside firms to handle their social media platforms. Trying to your business and learn social media from scratch yet again? Not only is it a full time job, just to keep up, it’s always changing. brand.

But how do companies choose social media agencies to help achieve social media marketing success? Research and smart shopping, of course!

We suggest the following six steps to find an agency that will fit your needs:


  1. Know thyself first. 1) WHY do you want to use social media? 2) WHAT problems are you trying to solve; WHAT goals are you trying to accomplish? 3) HOW do you define success (which leads to WHICH KPI’s and metrics will measure success)? 4) WHO is responsible or in charge of social media internally? 5) HOW much are you willing to spend?
  2. ASK. From questions about their experience to their client base, to the skill-set of their team and core competencies, ensure your agency isn’t a jack of all trades and master of none. What platforms or abilities do they focus on? How is their team certified to professionally manage your work?
  3. Understand. What deliverables (reports, stats, etc.) will be provided and at what frequency?
  4. Obtain. Get recommendations from outside vendors or consultants, as well as past and current clients.
  5. Negotiate. Make sense of the scope of work, terms and conditions, and negotiate from there.
  6. Be curious. Ask questions and remain an active partner in the development and execution of your social media marketing strategy.

At Central Comm, we understand the business of outsourcing and we offer an exceptional service at a fair price. That’s what you should expect from any company you hire to conduct your social media campaigns for you.


Central Comm

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