Gain Peace of Mind


Here at Central Comm we understand that every call is an opportunity for your business to make a current client happy or impress and gain a new customer or client. With live, fully bilingual, friendly, expertly trained team members ready to take your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year you will have the peace of mind that every call that comes in is taken care of.

Having your customers go through a series of automated messages to reach a voicemail is not the kind of service that makes customers and clients feel valued or heard. Yet, unless you hire staff that can work rotating shifts, you simply can’t be at the office 24/7.

Think about it. How many of your competitors are open 24/7/365? Probably not many. But how can you be available every minute of the day to answer questions, take leads and provide excellent customer service?  What you need is to partner with a professional answering service, so you have now virtually extended your operating hours around the clock.

The impact of a top answering service shows on your bottom line, too. Statistics show the close relationship between your customer experience and profitability:

  • Companies that focused on providing a superior experience across the customer journey increased their customer satisfaction by 20% and increased their revenue by 10-15%.
  • If you provide excellent customer service, more than ⅔ of your customers will be willing to spend as much as 14% more on your business.
  • 78% of consumers bail on their intended transaction when they have a poor service experience.

Only answering the phone during business hours leaves 16 hours a day when customer calls can go unanswered. And let’s be honest, most callers won’t leave a message or wait for a return call. In fact, 67% of customers hang up if they’re unable to reach a real live person.  Can you imagine how much revenue is now potentially lost from that?

As much as business owners focus on generating new sales, building up the value of your existing customer base is a much more affordable venture, especially when you partner with a top ranked answering service like Central Comm. By partnering with a telephone answering service that can answer after-hours calls for you year-round ensures your customers are taken care of. With a live answering service, current and potential customers won’t slip through the cracks. And having that peace of mind doesn’t hurt either.

Central Comm, we are ready to help and give you some peace of mind.


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