Why Would I Need An Answering Service?

When folks find out I work for Central Comm, the first thing out of their mouths is, “Why would my business need an answering service?” They say it more out of curiosity than anything else, but it still challenges me. I take a deep breath and try to answer in an informative and polite manner. […]

Happy Memorial Day

  It’s that time of year. That time of year when we were children and it meant that school would be out soon. The days are longer, the nights shorter and the weather is warmer. There are barbecues, trips to the beach and pool parties for some. For my family, it always meant that summer […]

A Quality Website for Your Business

Ten years ago most of thought of a Website a a static place holder on the Web. A rack card in the midst of a million other rack cards, just sitting there, not doing much. Fast forward to today. Websites are wehre potential clients go to check and see if you are legitimate. If your […]

How Does an Answering Service Work?

It’s time. You need help. In fact, you have needed help for a while. You are thinking about hiring an answering service and you have heard that Central Comm is one of the best from several referral sources. But you are embarrassed to admit that you have NO idea how it all works. Don’t be […]

Why Good Communication Is So Important

Why IS good communication so very important? If you simply look around you these days, I think you will find the answer. There are far too many people who are talking, not listening, not communicating. Here at Central Communications, that’s right in our name. We are all about communications. Our clients communicate their professional wants and […]

Warnings About Telemarketing Fraud

You hear about it all too frequently. A friend of yours receives a phone call, the caller sounds official and makes it seem urgent that you respond quickly or you could lose an opportunity for a great prize, or worse yet, you could be in trouble if you don’t send money. These telemarketing frauds prey particularly […]

What Certain Attorney’s Like About Their Jobs

There is a proliferation of Attorney, CSI and Law Enforcement shows on the television these days. There are also the re-runs of  shows from the 80’s and 90’s where the attorney cleverly wraps up the entire plot line for us while a witness is on the stand. The witness is rarely ever the person on […]

Thinking About Starting A New Business?

AT Central Comm., we cater to businesses and although we have had many of our customers for years and years, it’s also fun to get to work with new customers. When someone is starting a new business, they are excited, nervous and so full of enthusiasm; it’s hard not to catch some of that.

The State of Office Buildings in Nevada

  Las Vegas Nevada..it’s a unique city. It’s more than just the Strip with all of it’s casinos and venues. Las Vegas in particular, and Henderson as well, is a great place for people to live. The price of housing is reasonable, and with more and more retirees exiting expensive places to live to settle […]

Henderson, Nevada Answering Service

Central Communications Answering Service loves working with companies in Henderson, NV. Here is why. For most of Henderson’s relatively short history, the city has been a manufacturing center. Though its beginnings were fast and furious as a magnesium producer for World War II efforts, Henderson’s economy today has diversified. The city is still a manufacturing […]