Finding Job Candidates Via Social Media?

central comm, answering service, virtual receptionists, hiring people with people skillsThe job market is going strong these days, which makes it easier for those who have been displaced for a long time to find work, and perhaps find better opportunities than were available just a year or two ago. But it also make the competition for good workers more difficult to contend with. So, what is the solution? Something you may not have thought of yet. I found this post interesting, and would love to hear from our readers just what they think of this idea.


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Facebook Jobs launched in February 2017, allowing employers to post positions in a targeted manner. Savvy employers are using the site to create boosted posts and paid ads to share information about open positions. Facebook Jobs also allows employers to talk about their company culture and charitable initiatives while sharing stories from current employees—similar to the Muse, minus the high cost. With 1.87 billion active users averaging a daily use time of 50 minutes, Facebook is perfect for targeting passive job seekers who are currently employed but are open to better and more engaging career opportunities. Employers are now able to reach this talent pool without incurring costly recruiter fees. Facebook even makes it easy for candidates to share job listings and apply through their app!


Twitter users are typically very active – which makes it an ideal platform for reach and referrals. The best way to find good candidates on Twitter is to use the advanced search option. This option enables customized searches based on location, keywords, and hashtags. Once the potential candidates are found, they can be grouped seamlessly into a Twitter list. These lists make it easier to find potential applicants’ tweets, and if a particular candidate sparks an interest, he or she can be messaged directly. Since Twitter users tend to be avid content sharers, this platform can be especially useful during the hiring process.

Speaking of sharing, set up a referral program with your current employees and reward them for sharing job openings and making referrals!


Google uses artificial intelligence to connect job seekers to relevant posts across the web; then it tailors search results to specific users that become more efficient over time. Google also recently launched a platform called Google Hire, which helps to streamline the hiring process further.

Moreover, Google Plus deserves attention from hiring managers. While this platform may not be regarded as highly relevant in the hiring process, it accounts for a staggering 22 percent of the applications that are received each year through social media. Additionally, Google Plus has been known to produce high-quality applicants because the platform makes it easy for users to share their work portfolios. The platform’s integration with both Gmail and YouTube makes it equally simple for users to share relevant content. The new Google My Business feature has the functionality to add custom graphics that can also feature job openings!”


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