Central Comm and Veterinarian’s Offices

  Have you had the need to bring one of your animals to the Vet lately? I have and here’s what I have found. At most vet’s offices you will almost always find an overworked receptionist trying hard to handle … Continued

Who Is Central Comm and What Do We Do?

Central Communications answers the call. For over 50 years now, we have served clients from Southern California to Florida. We help businesses across America with several different types of phone answering services. At Central Comm, once we sign up a … Continued

Other Industries

Central Communications can provide answering services for any industry. From pest control to veterinary practices, limousine services, disaster restoration, and anything in between, Central Communications is professional and helpful in business operations and customer relations. Find out how Central Communications … Continued

Business and Personal Services

The demands of running a business are endless; focus must be prioritized daily. Handle the important tasks effectively and efficiently by letting Central Communications take care of your answering needs. Our agents will process the inbound calls, perform call screening … Continued

Service Companies

Service-based companies see operational success through customer relationships. Since each company earns its reputation from the high-quality service they provide, a customer’s satisfaction is paramount. Central Communications understands the importance of quality customer service. Priding ourselves in the courteous and … Continued


Construction companies are hired for projects large and small based on their knowledge, skill, production quality and ability to meet deadlines. Meeting these expectations while also operating a thriving construction firm is an important focus for every contractor. While your … Continued

E-Commerce and Retail Companies

For a retailer to be successful, business must focus on providing the best product. Managing the acquisition of products from manufacturers and suppliers, organizing your store-front to amplify sales, and marketing your business to attract new customers must take precedence. … Continued


Municipal and Governmental operations rely heavily on its staff to provide meticulous service. An industry that is under heavy scrutiny, incredible attention-to-detail must be implemented to result in operational success. Allow Central Communications to streamline communications and offer excellent customer … Continued

Plumbing and HVAC Companies

Plumbing and HVAC services require a level of expertise that only you can provide. Whether it’s a quick deadline or a long intensive project, Central Communications will allow you to focus on providing the best service to your customers. Let … Continued

Amazing Magnets!

If it wasn’t for Magnets there would be no telephones, or stereos, or computers, or electric guitars… Another cool magnet movie: Magnetic Movie . We answer for Scientists! Central Communications (800) 786 9079