Business and Personal Services

The demands of running a business are endless; focus must be prioritized daily. Handle the important tasks effectively and efficiently by letting Central Communications take care of your answering needs. Our agents will process the inbound calls, perform call screening and direct customers and clients to the appropriate person. Call Center Agents are also able […]

Answering Service & Your Business

Consider this, no matter how carefully you create your Brand Identity, you craft your website and how good your products are, your business relationships can be shattered in a nano second by the person answering your phones. What is that you say? No one is answering your phones, you use voice mail? Oh Oh. There […]

Featured iPhone App of the Month

Can I Park Here? – Few things in life are more confusing than  parking signs around New York City. This new iPhone app allows users to photograph the parking sign for the area in question, then find out if they can park there and for how long. The app even has a timer that starts when […]

A Quote: Andrew Carnegie

“And while the law of competition may be sometimes hard for the individual, it is best for the race, because it ensures the survival of the fittest in every department. “ Andrew Carnegie Read more:

Amazing Magnets!

If it wasn’t for Magnets there would be no telephones, or stereos, or computers, or electric guitars… Another cool magnet movie: Magnetic Movie . We answer for Scientists! Central Communications (800) 786 9079

59 Hot Dogs in 10 Minutes? Amazing!

I am pretty sure that would kill me. We at Central Communications take our hats off and offer our last Tums to Joey Chestnut. You make America proud. Bill Fletcher Central Communications

Thanks to the folks at Fitness Concepts

This week we signed up several fitness trainers for our free 30 day trial. We think they will find that they save time and money and can be so much more productive when they do not need to stop to answer the phone in the middle of training their special clients.

Central Communications Wins ATSI Award of Excellence for Outstanding Service

  Central Communications of Riverside, CA has been honored with the exclusive 2009 Award of Excellence. The award is presented annually by the Association of TeleServices International (ATSI), the industry’s trade association for providers of telecommunications and call centre services including telephone answering and message delivery. Central Communications was presented with the award at ATSI’s […]