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In this open 24 hour a day world we now live in there is no time that businesses are really closed is there? With the power of the internet, open 24 hours a days as well, those regular business hours may be from 9-5 are not a limitation which every customer is willing to live with. We all know that if you run a customer oriented business, you are always on call.  The physicians, attorneys and municipalities who have us answering their phones in the evenings understand that sometimes, emergencies happen and there must be a way for people to get hold of them. Then there are the plumbers and electricians, the tradespeople. These industries have a strong focus on client satisfaction, and having after-hours customer service support available is a great way to provide customers the service they appreciate and will continue using for a long time. For companies that provide services to paying customers, offering after hours customer service support can make or break your company. We have several companies where we serve as their 800 number customer support line. Yes, the internet is open 24 hours a day, but the office staff at your business isn’t. So, we answer those phone calls for you.

Why should you use a service like ours?

High client satisfaction

How many times have you seen a review or rant on social media where someone needed a plumber or electrician and no one returned their calls.  An after-hours customer service support line is simply smart business. If a customer needs your company’s help then providing them with a solution that allows them to have their issues addressed at any time goes a long way to show your customers that you are the real deal.


Reputation building

Word-of-mouth and recommendations can be the key factor influencing the decision of a prospective customer to choose your service over that of your competition. By providing excellent customer service through an after-hours support line, you are creating a level of client satisfaction that can help turn customers into advocates of your company.

Central Comm can provide you with the after-hours customer service support that you need to remain a step above the competition. Fully-equipped to capacitate all your communication needs, we can even those services that require immediate after-hours attention. Contact us today for more information!

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