Ending Procrastination

At Central Comm we understand that sometimes the list of things we need to accomplish in a day can be daunting. But we have found there are ways to make things more efficient and allow us to accomplish all that needs to be completed in the day.

Productivity Secrets For Business Professionals

At Central Comm, we work with Municipalities, Physicians, Attorneys, Medical supply offices, Real Estate Agents, Property Managers and more. Every single one of these professions can be very rewarding, but they can also be quite stressful. If there is a way to make any career choice or professional life go a little more smoothly, give […]

E-Commerce Support

Central Comm knows that your customers want to talk to a person. They don’t want to fill in a form, they will do a chat if it’s a quick question. Ask yourself this question. If technology has taken the place of personal contact, then why do most websites feature a phone number prominently on the […]

When Switching Careers is the Right Choice

Feeling bored or stressed by your usual workload? You might be just feeling some mid-year blues, or you may be in the perfect mental space to switch careers. Though it’s never easy to end one line of work and begin a new kind of job, there are times when a career change is the best […]

Listening is Important

    There was a saying someone posted on social media, which went something like this, “most of the time, we don’t listen in order to understand, we listen in order to answer”. Too often, that is the case. There was a time in my business where I knew my product so well that I […]

Central Comm Believes In Excellent Customer Service

  For years Central Comm has used strict standards to measure the quality of our operators and our customer service. We have independent testing performed to make certain that we have an unbiased measurement of the quality of our call handling and follow through. At Central Comm, we don’t want to simply meet our customer’s […]

The Importance of 24 Hour Phone Support

  Here’s a scenario for you that comes right from real life. Imagine the frustration of ordering something key for your business then viewing the shipping notification late on Friday afternoon only to discover that your precious order that you must have in hand just was not going to ship to you, rather it was […]

Just How Much Is An Arm and A Leg

  If you have a social media profile, you can join local groups in your area. I belong to several local groups on social media. These groups can be a useful tool for finding the best places to eat, activities to do, and where to shop. But there is something that just mystifies me, both […]

Ways To Save Money in Your Business

I recently read a post that offered ways to save money in your business. I did not think most of the hints they offered would make a company into a place where I would like to work. It’s one thing to save money, but it’s another thing entirely to create a work environment where people […]

What Will Your Start Up Business Look Like?

    If you are contemplating starting your own business, what do you think it should be? My son thinks he should become a YouTube sensation. A few years ago, I would have laughed at this idea, but there are people who post You Tube and Instagram videos for a living and they make serious […]