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Call Center Services

Central Communications is fully capable of becoming your full-time call center. We have a wide range of call center services that include, but are not limited to, product, service and website orders, website and helpdesk support, lead capture, event registration, appointment taking and more.

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Messaging and answering Services

No matter what industry, Central Communications Call Center Agents are trained to become an extension of your current workforce. Our agents will handle each of your calls in a prompt, professional and expert manner and are able to provide services for your business day or night, whenever your business needs our assistance.

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Complimentary Service Options

Working with Central Communications has its own complimentary benefits. Central Communications provides toll-free call-forwarding as well as a free Web Portal for viewing messages, making account changes and making changes to your On-Call Calendar.

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Message and Data Delivery Options

Whether through our Free Web Portal, Text Message (SMS), Secure SMS Smartphone App (HIPAA Compliant), Email, Pager, Voice Mail or by Fax, Central Communications has a variety of options on how clients can receive information and messages related to their service. Even further, our services are completely customizable, and we are happy to adapt to your business’s unique needs.

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