The Proper Way To Answer Phones

This is a post we did years ago here on Central Comm, but it’s still relevant today, perhaps more so in the current age of rude rules. See if you agree Written by Randall Olson Every time that your business … Continued

Virtual Receptionist Central Comm

Someone asked me the other day, “What is a Virtual Receptionist?”. How in the world can a receptionist be virtual? Either you have a receptionist of you don’t, right? Well, it’s not really that black and white. If you are … Continued

Be Aware of Your Image

All too often I cringe when I see some of the posts out on social media. It’s not just young people, but people who are old enough to know better, who say things they shouldn’t on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. … Continued

First, Answer the Phone

  We have addressed this issue before, but from what we have heard, it’s time to talk about it again. If your phone rings, it should be answered by a person. The polls say, don’t let your calls go to … Continued

To Make a Call or Not to Make a Call…

Too often these days, instead of picking up the phone to call a co-worker or a customer, we will send an email. We think it saves time and it is a more effective method of communicating, but is it really. … Continued

Another School Year Begins

  It’s that time of year once again, depending upon where you live. Some school districts go back to school in August, others, early in September. Either way, it’s all downhill from here. Or Uphill, depending upon your outlook. I … Continued

The Importance of Trust

    Whether it be a professional relationship or a personal relationship, what is the single most important element of a long standing relationship? I believe it is trust. Yes, in personal relationships love is important, honesty is important in … Continued

Who Is Your Target Customer?

When you go out and look for new clients, do you look everywhere, or just a few places? Do you look for certain types of businesses, or do you talk to anyone who will listen?  I think it’s important for … Continued

Why Good Communication Is So Important

Why IS good communication so very important? If you simply look around you these days, I think you will find the answer. There are far too many people who are talking, not listening, not communicating. Here at Central Communications, that’s right … Continued