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We have addressed this issue before, but from what we have heard, it’s time to talk about it again. If your phone rings, it should be answered by a person. The polls say, don’t let your calls go to voicemail. If you are under a certain age, it could be tempting to let the call go to voicemail and to send a text later on. In certain situations that might be alright, but make it the exception, NOT the rule.

Study upon study has shown that people want to talk to people. They want to speak with someone at your company who sounds competent, professional, friendly without being too friendly and who can at least answer their most basic questions. They don’t want to hear you all out of breath, running to take a call, or rushing them to get off the phone.

First impressions matter. If you are really having a rough day, forward your calls to us. Work out whatever it is that’s clogging up your day, take a moment to settle down, and then call your customer or prospect back. If you are impatient and grumpy, the caller doesn’t know that you’re having a bad day, and they don’t need to know that. What they DO need to know is you value their time, you are pleased they called and you are ready to do a great job for them.

If you don’t know the answer to a question, be honest. But also make certain that you follow up. Tell the caller you don’t have the answer, that you will find out the answer and call to followup or forward the call to someone who does have the answer.

It works the same for when Central Comm acts as a Virtual Receptionist. We may have more detailed information from our clients on exactly who does what and when they will be in the office or returning calls. But the level of service doesn’t change. Central Comm has award winning service and we will continue to strive to keep our standards high.

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