Why Good Communication Is So Important

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Why IS good communication so very important? If you simply look around you these days, I think you will find the answer. There are far too many people who are talking, not listening, not communicating. Here at Central Communications, that’s right in our name. We are all about communications. Our clients communicate their professional wants and needs to us, we communicate those to our people and in turn, they communicate information to the clients of our clients.


Should we not do a good job of communicating, then we don’t have a business. As it turns out, every year we win awards for how our people handle communications, so we are certain that Central Communications IS doing a great job of communicating.

We answer phone calls promptly, in a pleasant manner, and we have a screen full of general information that shows up on our monitors to be able to answer common questions. We communicate. Should we not know the answer to a specific question, we usually know who to contact to obtain the information. Then the chosen contact person can communicate that information, or we can pass it along, as the situation warrants.

Communication is not simply talking. Communication involves listening, thinking, and processing what it is the person needs from us. It is our intent to be more than a message taker. It means that we use our training to keep our voices pleasant, our voices modulated and ask just enough questions to get what we need, but not so many that we frustrate people.

Callers who get stuck in a voice mail tree become very frustrated, it our intention to give your callers a completely different type of communication. That type of communication is more of a notification. It says, no one is here right now to help you out or take your order. We care about your business, but perhaps not enough to have someone answering our phones. Now, in all fairness, that’s not what they mean to imply, its’ just what it feels like when you can’t get in touch with someone who can help you when you need help.

So please, if you only take away one thing form this blog post, it will hopefully be this. Communications is our business, we do it well and we would like to extend an offer to do it for your company.

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