Who Is Your Target Customer?

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When you go out and look for new clients, do you look everywhere, or just a few places? Do you look for certain types of businesses, or do you talk to anyone who will listen?  I think it’s important for each business to understand who their services work best for and to not try and be all things to all companies.

Who is your Target Customer? What is it that you do better than your competitor? What makes the decision to purchase your goods or services the right decision?

Those are all important questions to know the answers to. Once you know who your target customer is, it is easier to build a marketing campaign that will attract the customers who will want to use your services. It is also important to maintain a good working relationship with your current customers, because they will refer other businesses to your business.

Trade associations and certain types of community associations are always a good place to get known, liked and trusted. It’s important NOT to sell your company of your products when you are at the meetings, what’s more important is to build relationships. Certainly, if people are curious about your products of services, you can share information with them. We love what we do here at Central Comm, and we are indeed enthusiastic sharers, and people don’t generally mind that.

It’s also important to have a web presence. Not some shoddy website from 10 years ago, but a real web presence, with up to date and professional photos, a blog, and a Facebook Business page, and if you are the kind of company who has employees who will run with the social media campaign, then there are several other social media platforms you will want to be on.

If you are having trouble answering any of the questions we have asked in the post, then perhaps it’s time to hire a Marketing Consultant who can help you find the answers and develop a Marketing campaign.


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