Who Is Central Comm and What Do We Do?

Central Communications answers the call. For over 50 years now, we have served clients from Southern California to Florida. We help businesses across America with several different types of phone answering services. At Central Comm, once we sign up a customer they tend to stay. In Orange County, San Diego County and Riverside County, some […]

Who Is Answering Your Phones?

Small company, medium sized company or large company, the size doesn’t matter. What matters is that your phones are ringing and the person or persons fielding the calls is making a great first impression. If this company is your “baby” and you’re are still trying to wear all the hats, salesperson, webmaster, accountant, receptionist and marketer […]

Virtual Receptionist At Your Service

I was just reading a post in Entrepreneur Magazine which puts forth the notion that all the people who work for your company should be thought of a sales people. This is not to say that your Sales Force is any less valuable, without product sales there isn’t much need for anything else. It is […]

Healthcare Answering Services

Central Communications has over 60 years of experience excelling in providing a professional answering service for your thriving healthcare practice. Whether serving patients in the medical, dental, hospice, or academic fields, our specially trained Call Center Agents will provide HIPAA compliant service and ensure confidentiality for your patients. “We believe in the best: the best […]

After Your Company Grows Up

You have a great idea for a product or service. People like that idea and they buy your product or service. Your company is growing, and it’s at the point where trying to manage it yourself is no longer working. What do you do? Sometimes you hire staff to help you run the company, but […]

How To Stay Cool Under Pressure

Let’s face it life can be stressful at times. Stress can be a useful tool that our bodies use to get us out of dangerous situations. But for most of us, stress is something which can harm out health and even our relationships with our co-workers and our family members. Most of the time stress […]

Vacations and Returning to Work

  Vacations are ahhhh some.  No mis-spelling here, pun intended. Some vacations are so action packed that you need a vacation in order to recover from your vacation. Some vacations are just for relaxing. Either way, a vacation can reset your whole outlook, until you get back home and to work. .

There’s Jobs in Those Hills!

All around this great country of ours there are signs that the US economy is still recovering. Maybe not as much as we would have liked, or as fast as we would have liked, or to the levels we would have liked, but recovering none-the-less.

Women Owned Businesses

It’s not news that some of the  people most likely  to start a new business are women. Each year women start more businesses than men. The economy of the past several years has made employment so scarce that both men and women have opted to start a business as the main method to earn money.Women, specifically, […]

Central Comm Helps Get New Customers

  Do you know that Central Comm’s highly trained, personable and award winning operators can actually help you get new customers? We can! Another one of our long time clients called us the other day to say “Thank you“. Why? Because this customer, who runs a medical supply company, was one of three companies who […]