Women Owned Businesses

central comm answers phones for women owned business

It’s not news that some of the  people most likely  to start a new business are women. Each year women start more businesses than men. The economy of the past several years has made employment so scarce that both men and women have opted to start a business as the main method to earn money.Women, specifically, seem to enjoy the flexibility that owning a business affords them.

Today, woman owned businesses are able to finally get funding, to attract investors and get positive attention from traditional lending institutions.According to a 2016 study of female owned businesses and smallbiztrends.com, :”women owned business revenue increased 12 percent in a year to year comparison. Average earnings also rose to $72,529 in 2015, up from $67,950 in 2013.” In comparison, businesses owned by men generated about 60 percent more revenue on average than women-owned businesses.”

Here at Central Communications we are experiencing an uptick on the number of businesses who are hiring us to either answer their phones on an overflow situation, act as a virtual receptionist, or as a dispatch service.

Whether you are a male or female, we are happy to help you answer calls, complete orders and keep YOUR customers coming back!!

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