Who Is Answering Your Phones?

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Small company, medium sized company or large company, the size doesn’t matter. What matters is that your phones are ringing and the person or persons fielding the calls is making a great first impression. If this company is your “baby” and you’re are still trying to wear all the hats, salesperson, webmaster, accountant, receptionist and marketer then it’s time to make another plan.

There are times when it pays to use an outside service to perform certain functions within a company, and one of those services happens to be our core business. Central Communications has a menu of services for clients to choose from. We are a full-service answering service with well-trained agents, we are also a call center, dispatch center, e-commerce support, virtual receptionist, and reservationists. Hiring Central Comm as your answering service means you are always open for business – even when you are in client meetings, on the road, or attending to the million and one small tasks that go along with running your own business. If you hire a professional answering service they will answer your calls, forward them directly to you (if that’s what you choose) or take a message.


This is a win-win situation for small business owners but it also serves any company, no matter their size. The biggest mistake some companies make it attempting to run their business from their smartphone – making and receiving calls, answering emails and checking their calendar to see where the day will take them next. While it is convenient to have all this information on their smartphone, it is not always efficient. There are situations which deserve your full attention, with no distractions. Sometimes, not personally taking every call is what is going to keep your business going. Being constantly interrupted and not able to stay focused on the task at hand will not convey a sense of professionalism to your clients. Answering services solve those problems.


An answering service / dedicated virtual receptionists fully trained on your company policies will answer calls promptly and politely from the quiet of a physical office, eliminating dropped calls and bad connections. An answering service receptionist will also give the appearance to the caller that they are actually sitting at your place of business when they answer the phone. This instills confidence in the caller that they have reached a successful business and will make them feel comfortable working with your company.

Better yet, it will allow you and your staff to focus on completing the projects which keep your customers coming back.

Give us a call, and we can chat about how Central Comm can help your business.


Central Comm Staff

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