Central Comm Helps Get New Customers

Central Comm virtual receptionis lets' you get out of the office, Los Angeles


Do you know that Central Comm’s highly trained, personable and award winning operators can actually help you get new customers? We can!

Another one of our long time clients called us the other day to say “Thank you“. Why? Because this customer, who runs a medical supply company, was one of three companies who referred by another company.

After their potential client called all three medical supply companies on the referral list, they chose the company that we answer phones for.

Sometimes people forget that it’s not just their sales people who help to bring in new clients. Often times it is the person who answers the phone. If they are professional, competent and helpful, this is what will help seal the deal.

I am certain this happens more than we even know. Just as I am certain that there were potential clients who called other companies and after a bad experience, never called again.

At Central Comm, we consistently win awards for our service, and it’s because we really do care and it shows in our voices.