Things You Should Do At Work

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make a list, check it twice


At Central Comm we are pretty fortunate. Most of the people who work here are glad to work for us and it shows. But every once in a while we hear about someone at a customer’s workplace who just doesn’t get it. Nobody likes working with people who make their work life more difficult. 

What is the number one thing you think people should know to do when they have a job at your company? If you say, get to work on time you would be correct. In fact, it is good to get to work just a few minutes early whenever you can so that you are ready to go at the prescribed time. You would be surprised how many people think nothing of coming in late for work. That can hold other people up if you are getting a late start. So, number one thing to do, be on time!

The next most important thing to do: Take a moment to get organized. If you have meeting to attend, projects coming due, and you still have things you didn’t complete the day before, write them down, or enter them into your calendar, and set reminders which will help you to stay on course and not get too distracted.

Do your most difficult or creative work at YOUR best time of the day. I tend to be a morning person and a procrastinator, so I will assign myself the work that needs the most brain cells first thing in the morning. My co-worker doesn’t really get going until early afternoon, so he keeps his morning for things which are easily dispatched and saves the harder stuff for his afternoons.

Leave your personal problems at home. We all have things we are working through, and every once in a while those things will affect us at work, but you need to find a way to let some of those things go while you are at your office. If you spend the day being grumpy or weepy, it will affect the people around you, and it could make everything worse as you are unable to complete your own jobs. So, even though it will be difficult some times, try to keep yourself focused on what you are there to do.

I wish you a happy and productive week. Remember, be on time.

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