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Central Communications, what does that mean?

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To us at Central Comm. here in Riverside, CA and Henderson NV,it means what it says. We are a central point for communications. Our clients have worked hard to build their businesses, whether it be a Doctor’s practice, and Attorney’s practice, a medical device business, personal trainer, or property management.

They have asked us, entrusted us to handle their phone calls. Often to cover after hours, more often these days to handle to the overflow calls of a busy, growing company.

At Central Comm, we work with our clients to find just the right way to interact with their clients. We then use your chosen method of communication to let you know who is calling and when they called. We have several standard methods of delivering messages to you, they are: text message, pager, fax, email, voicemail and online. Discuss your needs with a customer service associate and we’ll find a solution for you

Central Communications has a large pool of qualified applicants from which to choose. We offer competitive wages and benefits in a friendly work environment. Applicants are typically college educated and always thoroughly screened. We look for candidates who have excellent verbal, computer, and writing skills. Less than 2% of all applicants ever become Central Communication Call Center Agents

Our people are not only technically proficient, that are also people proficient. In a word, they are good communicators, and that is what makes the difference.

I guess you could say it is our mission to live up to our name, Central Communications.

Central Comm

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