Answering Service & Your Business

Man on Phone

Consider this, no matter how carefully you create your Brand Identity, you craft your website and how good your products are, your business relationships can be shattered in a nano second by the person answering your phones. What is that you say? No one is answering your phones, you use voice mail? Oh Oh.

There was a time when letting calls go straight to voice mail was acceptable, that is no longer the case. And hiring a person off the street to answer your phones is also the wrong way to go. We train our operators extensively at Central Communications and South Coast Answering service. They know that each phone call is important, and perhaps, for us itholds even more importance, because phone calls are our business. They are our product.

Central Comm.’s operators know the importance of staying calm when a customer is upset. They know how comforting it is for the caller to hear a live voice. If you hire our answering service to take reservations for an event, or help you to fulfill orders from your website, we make certain to take the time to get answers to all the basic questions a customer may have.

Voicemail trees cannot do these things, no matter how sophisticated they are.

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