The Most Inconvenient Times to Take Calls and What to Do Instead

You’ve had it happen. Your cell phone rings, and it’s important. It could be a client or a vendor, or it could be someone you’ve been wanting to talk to. Whoever it is, the fact is that now is not a good time for you to talk.

You probably have your own list of worst times to take calls. Here are a few you may have missed.

When you’re in the bathroom, no matter what you’re doing, is probably the worst time to take a call. Obviously if you’re using the bathroom, things don’t get much worse than that. What if you’re in the shower, though? Or brushing your teeth? Should you rinse before answering the phone?

Taking calls while driving, even if you have a Bluetooth headset, is inconvenient and annoying. You can’t fully concentrate on either your driving or your call. You can’t write anything down, and you’re unlikely to remember everything you need to.

Many people think when they’re asleep is the worst time to take a call, and it probably is. No one wants to come across as groggy and inattentive, especially if the sleeping they were doing was a mid-day nap.

When you’re working, of course, is not a fun time to take a call. You lose your concentration on what you were doing, and can’t really concentrate on the phone call because you’re still switching gears.

Then there are those times when you are, shall we say, in the middle of something involving another person.

These are the times you wish you had an service to answer your phone.

Which raises the question, why don’t you take advantage of one of the call answering services available?

You may think that an answer service is too expensive, but the fact is that most call answer services are quite affordable.

You may think you don’t need a service to answer your phone. Before coming to this conclusion, you might want to think about how many times a call has caught you with your pants down or a toothbrush in your mouth recently.

You may believe that your customers and stakeholders wouldn’t like talking to an answering service. Chances are, they’d prefer knowing they can call you at any time without waking you up or disturbing you while you’re working.

A good call answer service will treat your callers as professionally as you treat them, and possibly more professionally, if you’re using your cell phone for business. As you’ve seen from the list of inconvenient times to take a call, cell phones are not suited for business use when you have your phone with you all the time.

Sending your calls to a professional service is the solution.