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Central Communications employs professional men and women who know how important it is to answer calls in a patient and professional manner. Receptionists and operators are a vital front line for your business. You can win or lose a potential customer’s business based upon the initial impression they get when they call your 800 number.

In today’s business atmosphere, customers do not like automated systems, and according to polls and posting we have reviewed, they will hang up and call another business if they can’t talk to a live person. Even the credit card companies are running full on ad campaigns showing live operators answering a customer’s question.

Even if you employ a full time receptionist at your business, there are peak times when one person cannot possibly handle all the incoming calls. You can set up our answering service so it will automatically take over any phone line that has rung 3 or more times. Following your express instructions, we will either take a message, route calls to a cell phone, deliver messages via text or even email. All the while, the customer on the other end of the line will have no idea that the call was not answered by someone in your organization.

Central Communications and South Coast Answering service have for years been an answering service serving physicians, attorneys and many other businesses in their peak hours, or off hours. Over the past five years, though, we see more types of professionals coming to us to provide phone services. We now have personal trainers from all over the United States, we work for IT Companies to take calls and dispatch them to the appropriate service technician. Our trained operators now fulfill orders from Gift Basket companies, Casket Companies and any number of online businesses. We are adding services on a regular basis.

The bottom line is this, although we have a great deal of experience in the traditional answering service model, we are also willing and able to accommodate new types of business and ways to help out our customers.

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