How Does an Answering Service Work?

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It’s time. You need help. In fact, you have needed help for a while. You are thinking about hiring an answering service and you have heard that Central Comm is one of the best from several referral sources. But you are embarrassed to admit that you have NO idea how it all works.

Don’t be embarrassed. If you have never used an answering service before, how are you supposed to know?

Let’s see if we can answer some of your questions right here.

First of all, we need to talk. What is it that your need help with? Do you simply want some backup support for the busiest times of your day? Would you like for us to handle all of your incoming calls no matter what time of the day? Do you only need us for evening and weekend support?

For each of those situations we will have a different list of questions we will ask you before we begin. For example, if you would like us to handle all of your incoming calls, then we will need to know how to best handle those calls for you. If someone is looking to purchase your products of services, you would probably ask that we send those calls to someone in your sales department. On the other hand, if a customer is calling with a billing problem, that call be sent through to the accounting department.

Those are things you can think about before we meet, but you don’t have to. We can walk you through all of company, answering calls for high tech companies, virtual receptionist for tech company, answering phones all over the united states

There are, however, several basic steps that happen when we answer your phone, that we will be happy to list here, but keep in mind, depending on your company’s needs, these could change a bit:

  1. Incoming calls:

A caller dials your published number. The call rings through to Central Comm.

When the phone rings, Central Comm’s software displays your company’s unique information on the operator’s phone. He, or she, then answers the phone using the greeting format you prefer.

  1. After the greeting

Based on your instructions, the operator will check to see where the call should go. If it’s an appointment request and you have given us access to your appointment calendar, then we can handle that. If it’s an urgent call, then we can send a text to your phone. Or we can simply take a message and send you an email letting you know you have a follow up call to make.

  1. Follow-up calls

Should you and your staff be backed up with work, you can also request we make your follow-up calls for you. Just give us the information to relay to your customer or prospect and we will handle it.

4.Dispatch Services

With a list of your service people, what territories they service and scheduling software, we can take away your dispatch worries. Our software can also track their time and where your people had service calls and you can use that information to fine tune your business.

As I said at the beginning of this post, don’t be shy about asking how all this works. We want your business and we would like to keep it for a good, long time, so the more we communicate upfront, the more likely you are to feel you are getting what you need from us.


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