What Certain Attorney’s Like About Their Jobs

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There is a proliferation of Attorney, CSI and Law Enforcement shows on the television these days. There are also the re-runs of  shows from the 80’s and 90’s where the attorney cleverly wraps up the entire plot line for us while a witness is on the stand. The witness is rarely ever the person on trial. And who out there can forget the venerable Perry Mason? I may have gone too far with that one.

If you have ever had the opportunity to sit on a jury or observe an actual trial in a courtroom, you know real trials bear very little resemblance to the one’s we see on TV. The dialogue is not that smooth, the attorney’s are not nearly as creative as the ones on TV, not to say they don’t work hard for their clients. The real practice of law is not as it is often portrayed on television.

All in all, I think those who practice the law successfully must have some passion for what they do, or they would do something else. It certainly is a noble profession, but one that isn’t always stress free. Business News Daily asked some attorneys what they loved best about their chosen careers, and which parts they didn’t care as much for. It’s interesting to read what parts are their favorites:

Business News Daily: What do you do?

David Benowitz: I am a founding partner at Price Benowitz LLP, which is located in the heart of Washington, D.C. I began my career as a public defender for the District of Columbia.I brought [that] experience to my own practice [where] I help my clients litigate cases in the District of Columbia, Maryland and U.S. District courts in D.C. and Maryland. [I am also] a faculty member for the Trial Advocacy Workshop at Harvard Law School.

BND: What do you love most about your job, and why?

Benowitz: I have grown to love working with clients to prepare an effective defense. I enjoy building strong defense strategies on a daily basis that allow each of my clients to achieve the best possible case result.

BND: What do you hate most about your job, and why?

Benowitz: The greatest challenge for defense attorneys is ensuring that your clients understand their rights. For instance, I receive numerous calls from potential clients about how they spoke to law enforcement without an attorney present. Many people feel that if they are innocent then it’s okay to talk. It is essential for clients to keep quiet when approached by law enforcement because otherwise many times this adds another element to their case that they will need help rectifying.

Business News Daily: What do you do?

Autumn Witt Boyd: I’m a copyright, trademark, and business lawyer who specializes in working with creative companies. I have more than 10 years of experience with intellectual property and business issues and have been operating my own firm, contract law attorney, answering service Nevada, answering service California, answering service coloradoThe Law Office of Autumn Witt Boyd, since early 2015.

BND: What do you love most about your job, and why?

Witt Boyd: I love meeting creative business owners who are doing crazy, interesting things I never could have dreamed were possible. My favorite part about this career is helping my clients figure out the big legal picture for their business, answer questions that have been worrying them, and decide what they need to take care of now and what can wait. Working with creatives to protect their intellectual property, I often learn about new technologies or ideas before anyone else, and then help them strategize about how to grow their businesses, which is really fun.

BND: What do you hate most about your job, and why?

Witt Boyd: My least favorite part of this career is the litigation part of it. I learned after nearly 10 years of fighting with other lawyers that a nasty phone call or email just ruins my day. That’s why my practice is now focused on consulting with business owners and helping them build their business with transactions; I’ll only file a lawsuit if it’s a last resort. [10 Job Interview Questions That Aren’t Legal ]”

– See more at: http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/8417-lawyers-career-pros-cons.html#sthash.Hy0E90sF.dpuf

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