Thinking About Starting A New Business?

AT Central Comm., we cater to businesses and although we have had many of our customers for years and years, it’s also fun to get to work with new customers. When someone is starting a new business, they are excited, nervous and so full of enthusiasm; it’s hard not to catch some of that.

Portrait of two brown british shorthair kittens in wooden basket

Portrait of two brown british shorthair kittens in wooden basket

I was thinking about what kinds of new businesses we might expect to see in the second half of 2016, and one of those ideas is the Pet Business. I was thinking about pet sitting, dog walking, that sort of thing, but when I looked up the subject online there were all manner of other things that popped up.

I think the Pet Business is now Big Business! I know in many cities now there are doggie day care centers where those of us who work long hours outside of the home can take our fur babies for some fun and attention while we are away. There are now devices which allow you to interact with your pets whilst you are away from home.

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There are pet Monitors which are hooked up to devices that dispense a treat for your dog, while he/she hears your voice and sees you on a video monitor. They have the same type of thing for cats as well, which I guess you can use on any type of pet that can make their way to the monitor/feeding device and look into a screen.

If you would still like to have a Pet Sitting business, perhaps you could offer some of these devices for your clients to rent from you while they are away. It could probably cut down on the anxiety of being separated for a period of time.

Having a great virtual receptionist could be just the icing on the  cake for your new business venture!

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