Central Comm Believes In Excellent Customer Service

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For years Central Comm has used strict standards to measure the quality of our operators and our customer service. We have independent testing performed to make certain that we have an unbiased measurement of the quality of our call handling and follow through. At Central Comm, we don’t want to simply meet our customer’s expectations, we strive to exceed them.

Because of our attitude, most of the customers who begin using our company for overflow calls will often begin to use our services for peak hours during the day, for coverage when team members are on vacation or out of town, and to support their e-commerce sites. At Central Comm. and for other businesses as well, customer loyalty is vital. In any business, the ability to keep our business running is directly affected by our revenue. If we don’t have happy customers who continue to purchase our products or buy our services, then we lose revenue. Instead of working to engage new customers in order to grow our business, we are working hard to find new customers just to stay afloat. That’s not a recipe for success.

What keeps our customers loyal to our company? For us, it’s the fact that we provide excellent customer service. We recruit good people; we train our staff and our attitude is one that values our customers. In our business, we must do this not only with our customers and staff but our customers’ customers.

In your business or ours, customer retention and customer referrals are critical. Any good business owner knows that It costs more money to go out and find new customers than it does to keep the customers we already have. Plus, in this electronic age, unsatisfied customers can make their complaints known more readily than just the old word of mouth. Online reviews from unhappy customers can affect the prospects of gaining new customers.

Some companies view customer service as a component of their business. We view customer service as a component of everyone’s job description. Each and every person who engages with a customer is performing customer service as they fill an order or provide one of our services to a customer. It’s just that simple.

It’s also important to periodically check in with our customer and ask for their input. How are we doing? Are there areas where you would like us to do something different? It’s easy to take our long-time customers for granted and it’s also not unusual for our customers to assume the level of service we provide is the same as any other company would offer.

Another part of providing excellent customer service is employee satisfaction and turnover. If your employees are stressed, don’t feel appreciated and aren’t getting their suggestions heard, then how are they going to present a positive image to your customers?

Recognizing and rewarding employees for their contributions to your company is just as important as taking care of your customer base. After all, who is on the front line with those customers? It’s your employees. If they feel proud of where they work, that pride will show in their attitude, and it will convey to your customers.

Central Comm


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