Ways To Save Money in Your Business

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I recently read a post that offered ways to save money in your business. I did not think most of the hints they offered would make a company into a place where I would like to work. It’s one thing to save money, but it’s another thing entirely to create a work environment where people are constantly concerned they might not have a job the next day.

One of their suggestions was to hire people for the busy season and let them go when things slow down. Their position was if you let them go nicely, they will surely want to come back when it gets busy again. I think that if the people were good enough to keep your business running smoothly during a busy time, then when your company lets them go, chances are they will have found another position that values their efforts. They won’t be coming back.

If your business slows down during certain times of the year, then perhaps there are other things you could have those employees do that will help to ensure your business is ready for the next busy cycle. They could work on networking and marketing. They could clear out the things your no longer need, creating a lean and efficient environment for the next uptick in business.

It might also be a good idea to hire just a few people for certain jobs, and then outsource for the rest of the positions. There are companies who handle social media, cloud storage, IT Support, and services as we do at Central Comm.

Perhaps during the entire year, you only really need one receptionist, But during peak season, the phones start to ring off the hook, then you could hire Central Comm to pick up the slack during those very busy times. Or when the holidays are approaching, and you need more people to man your 1-800 number.

There are companies which offer virtual office support. When your salespeople are busy working with clients and they need someone to assist them, there are independent virtual office assistants you can hire on an hourly basis to handle typing up proposals, shipping out brochures and scheduling sales calls.

You could also consider shortening your work week to four days a week. Telecommuting is another way to save money. If you have people in positions who don’t necessarily need to be at the home office in order to effectively perform their duties, then why have office space reserved for them? Let them work from home, and as long as the work is being completed in a timely and satisfactory manner. You will have saved money, your employees will save money and it becomes a win win situation.

One suggestion which sounds counterintuitive is the suggestion to reward your employees who take the initiative to go above and beyond. Sometimes those people may not actually save you money, but they will increase the amount of business you are bringing in, which will earn you more money, Incentivizing people is almost always a good way to encourage your staff.

Give us a call today at Central Comm, We can discuss how our services could save you money.

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