The Importance of 24 Hour Phone Support

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Here’s a scenario for you that comes right from real life. Imagine the frustration of ordering something key for your business then viewing the shipping notification late on Friday afternoon only to discover that your precious order that you must have in hand just was not going to ship to you, rather it was headed to somewhere in  Minnesota.  And you live in Florida.  Cue the meltdown.

Being tech savvy, and a problem solver, you say no worries, I will jut give them a call and correct this error. So, you log onto the site to grab the phone number and discover that their customer support is only Monday-Friday from 9 am to 5 pm! There is absolutely no way to change the shipping instructions on that make it or break order that you were relying on. will be in UPS limbo for three days in transit while you wait to contact them.

When Monday morning rolls around and you think, okay, the office is open for business, they will help me fix this. But guess what?  Everyone in the office is in a meeting and no one is answering customer service calls.  I bet you can see where this is heading.

Just imagine the furious posts from any other customer about this fiasco if this were your business I was trying desperately to get hold of. People often just breeze by excellent customer service that they have grown to expect, but can you just imagine the negative reviews that will be all over social media in the next few minutes.

How could this have been resolved better?  By having 24/7 phone support via a call center or virtual receptionist. This whole situation could have been averted before it ever escalates I could have simply spoken to someone when the issue was identified.

Could this happen in YOUR business? If you don’t have someone manning the phones after 5 pm on Friday, it definitely could. What your business needs is live virtual receptionists to answer the phone and handle inquiries, even during weekends, holidays, and other busy times of the year. We all know that missed calls don’t lead to any sort of customer satisfaction, so make sure that the phones are always manned with trained available virtual receptionists, no matter the time of day or hour of night.

In my situation, you know, the one where my package was headed to Minnesota, not Florida, it was a nice employee, or virtual assistant, or call center operator, who helped me get that package re-routed to the correct address before it was placed on a delivery truck and sent to the wrong destination.

My crisis averted and  that company now has another happy customer who will continue to do business with that company. And who will probably let other business owners how great that company is.

Central Comm could have helped this company avert my weekend crisis. Give us a call today, we can set you up on a free trial.

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