Just How Much Is An Arm and A Leg

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photo by tim-foster-vzVyNom6k6c-unsplash


If you have a social media profile, you can join local groups in your area. I belong to several local groups on social media. These groups can be a useful tool for finding the best places to eat, activities to do, and where to shop. But there is something that just mystifies me, both personally and professionally.

Lately, I have seen people posting things like, “Does anyone know a plumber who doesn’t charge an arm and a leg? I need a new toilet.” Or does anyone know a house cleaning service that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg”? Or does anyone know a lawn service that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg?

I think, by now, you get my drift. All this arm and a leg business got me to thinking. Just how much is an arm and a leg? Would what I consider an arm and a leg be the same as what you consider an arm and a leg? At Central Comm, we believe our prices are quite reasonable, but I wonder if anyone is under the impression we charge an arm and a leg?

People often get a number stuck in their head for whatever service they need, and anything above that number is apparently an arm and a leg. I want to assure you that here, at Central Comm, when you check our pricing you won’t find an arm and a leg on our price list.

In fact, if you do check our pricing, what we believe you will find is this. Free setup, a free initial account, and industry standard rates on our services, which, by the way, are NOT industry standard but EXCEPTIONAL and award winning.

I sometimes see photos those arm and a leg price hunters post, and it will bemuse me to see they just picked up their new car at the dealership. Or they are on a cruise. One would assume that a person who is shopping for just the right price on a service they need, would be a person who is very frugal. That’s rarely the case. More often than not,  they just don’t know what certain services cost, and when they find out, they feel they are too expensive.

Which again goes illustrates the monetary value of an arm and a leg varies with the value that’s placed on the goods or services people are looking for. One might think the price the electrician or the plumber has quoted for a job is an arm and a leg. But let me ask you this? How often have you shopped solely on price and been disappointed?

Your average “less than an arm and a leg” answering service may not have the best staffing. It may not have the latest and most up to date hardware and software. Is it fully equipped with battery backup should an earthquake, fire, or other natural disaster occur?

Central Comm does have back up power. Our personnel are trained, our hardware and software are up to date and ready to handle whatever your company needs. Yes, you may find another service which is a bit less expensive, but is it really? When you save money but you get less for that money, and you are not happy with the result and have to start over again, what have you actually saved?