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Central Comm knows that your customers want to talk to a person. They don’t want to fill in a form, they will do a chat if it’s a quick question. Ask yourself this question. If technology has taken the place of personal contact, then why do most websites feature a phone number prominently on the top right-hand side of their website?

It is a fact that over 70% of all potential customers who see your ad, or your Facebook or Instagram page, will, once they decide you have the type of product they are looking for, pick up the phone and call you.

Out of all those potential customer calls, at least one third will go on to purchase a product or service from you. Now, just think. If most of the calls initiated by potential customers went to voice mail, how many of those will actually convert to purchases. Facts show the conversion rates will be much lower.

Smartphones and tablets have forever changed the way we do business. Today, most websites are built to accommodate smaller screens. Why is that? Because more and more business is being conducted on a smartphone or tablet.

People are out and about shopping or working, they think of something they need, and they order it. If its something like perishables, they will fill up the shopping cart and pick the items up on their way home. If it’s non-perishable, they will order it and have it delivered to their home.

If they need some help with a question they have about a specific order or product, do you think this person is going to be pleased when they can’t get a quick answer to their question? Probably not.

Central Comm can become your go to resource to for those quick, easy to answer questions people often have when shopping online. With a set of common questions and answers, we are able to take care of most of this type of inquiry and keep your potential customers shopping away.

The bottom line is people want to talk to people, not bots. They need to feel valued and they will only do business with companies they feel they can trust.

Central Comm can help you keep those potential customers engaged and turn them into real customers.

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