How Phone Calls Are Answered Is Important

Has this ever happened to you? You call a company for the first time and the person who answers the phone is rude. What is your inclination? Do you give that company a second chance, assume the person answering the phone might have been having a rough day? OR do you hang up from that call and make the decision to call one of their competitors?

Research shows that a good percentage of people who have a bad experience on the first phone call will never do business with a company. Anyone who calls your company for goods or services wants to know that you value their business and you run a top-notch operation. That one grumpy person on the phone can undo every bit of PR and Marketing you have done with their bad attitude.

Attitude, however, it not the only aspect of a phone call which can put people off. Studies show things such as the amount of background noise the customer hears on the other end of the line can also be a problem. Another item that causes consternation, how well the situations are handled when phone calls need to be sent to a department or a person.

There is nothing most customers hate more than being sent from person to person to person in order to get an answer or to resolve an issue they are having.

Hold times and repetitive messages about how much the company cares about your business while you are on hold for 20 minutes are also things that drive people to distraction.

It is important to constantly monitor how your phones are handled and to look for areas where things can be improved.

At Central Comm we work to make certain our people are doing all of the right things to ensure that your customers are happy.  We have tools in place to help our operators do their jobs well, and we monitor their calls to make sure they are giving the best level of customer service.

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