The Added Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist

Central Comm virtual receptionist lets you get out of the office, Los Angeles


There’s a funny, not funny, situation which occurs every so often at our answering service. We have had customers call us and say, thank you. Thank you for the great service we receive from our Central Comm virtual receptionist. But I have a problem. When new clients come to the area and visit our office, they want to meet that delightful person they’ve been talking to on the phone.  They are invariably initially disappointed to learn the lovely person they have been speaking with for so long doesn’t actually work in the office.  Then, they ask for your information, so they can call and hire your services.

With our ever changing world of technology, you now have options. Instead of paying a receptionist to sit at a desk in your office, waiting for the phone to ring, you can hire a company like Central Comm to act as your virtual receptionist. Well, At Central Comm, it is a trained operator who will answer your calls and perform other duties for your company.

Why do  would you use one?

A virtual receptionist will be available to your company for all of the hours you hire our service for. If he or she is at lunch, or on a break, then there is always a back up person to take his or her place. We even have  24/7 answering capability, guaranteeing that no late night or weekend business will go unanswered.  It also  means you have more staff without the expense of hiring and housing more people.

If your small business team is feeling stretched and stressed due to the growth of the company, an after hours answering service just might be the cure you’ve been looking for. And, even if your aren’t overwhelmed with phone calls, it feels more professional to some when there is a person, other than their business contact, answering phone lines.

Central Com’s  Virtual receptionists are always available to actively engage with customers and provide the assistance a caller needs. This proactive support helps customers to view your business in a positive light, which helps to build relationships in the long term. Active engagement involves note-taking, finding ways to solve the customer’s issues quickly, and giving the customers compliments, empathy, and personal connections.

As we said in the beginning of this post, your customers will love our virtual receptionists so much, they may even want to meet them. If that’s not an endorsement of our people, then I don’t know what one is.


Central Comm, at your service.