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Central Comm is an award winning Answering Service/Virtual Receptionist/Call Center. We have been in business for upwards of 50 years now, but while some see that as an asset, others might say, “not so fast, are you still innovative?” and we will say yes.



centralcomm.summer14.007 (800x290)Our business began like most others, as an after hours service for physicians, attorneys and other professionals who did not need to sit in an office awaiting calls, but still needed to be accessible to their clients and patients in the case of an emergency.

From there, our business has evolved and we now handle all manner of phone calls. We are the 800 number for several on-line catalog stores. Our operators handle dispatch for busy electronic companies, for plumbing contractors and electricians. Central Comm takes reservations for companies who put on seminars. And these days we act as the receptionist for plenty of small to medium sized companies.

Whatever we do, we give it our all. Each year we submit our work to the ATSI, and every year we win an award for our customer service. This award means that YOU and your company are getting your calls answered by a company which is one of the best in this business.

Central Comm

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