Can You Install an Air Conditioner and Answer the Phone at the Same Time?

  It is HOT out there. I believe this is going to be one for the record books. If you own and operate an Air Conditioning Company, you are going to be busy this year. Doesn’t it always seem to go that people neglect their heating and cooling systems all year long, and then they […]

Why Some Industries Come Back

During the latter part of the last Century and the first part of the current century, much of the answering service business was relocated to other countries. At first, it was mainly for economic reasons. But then as that became less so, I think some companies began to understand that there is value in having […]

Decisions, Decisions

AT Central Communications we are in decision making mode every day. As a company, we are tasked with making decisions for our own business and personnel. We are also put in situations where we sometimes need to make decisions concerning situations which involve the companies we work for. For the most part we try to […]

The Successful Business Effect

    I love watching the HGTV show Fixer Upper. As I have watched it over the past few years, I have been struck by the fact that Joanna and Chip often feature other local businesses and artisans in their show. I am certain they could have gotten away without highlighting other vendors, but because […]

Investing Back Into Your Business This Year

  I would like to continue the theme put forth in our previous blog posts. In writing about investing back into our businesses to make them more efficient, and perhaps also help them to generate greeater profits, I have found a great article at Forbes Magazine. The company, Essilor France, has developed new applications and […]

Businesses and Family

    Owning a business does not mean you have to rent an office and sit behind a desk all day.There are all kinds of new innovations that go along with our ever changing environment. With the ability to tele commute and hold meetings virtually, the landscape of business is ever evolving. Having your children […]

Why You Need An Answering Service

  Why DO you need an answering service? Honestly, do you ever feel like you can never turn off at the end of the day?  You know what it’s like to feel your phone ringing when you’re out with family or friends. You grab your cell, take a look at the screen and see it’s an unknown […]

Central Communications Answering Services Can Save You Money

My Website people tell me that it is very important for people to be able to find your contact information easily on the site. I told them, but we have a website, it has information, it has our email. They said, John, people still like to call and speak to a live operator. As someone […]

Corporate Wellness

  If you are looking for a  new career then getting in on the ground floor of the Corporate Wellness Industry is a great place to begin. According to Inc. Magazine, the corporate wellness Industry is thought to be in the $7 billion range. Business owners lose millions of dollars each year in their health […]

Award Winning Answering Service

AT Central Comm we don’t provide Award winning service just so that we can win awards. Yes, we are proud of the awards we have received, but only in as far as they are an independent measure of our commitment to excellence.