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I love watching the HGTV show Fixer Upper. As I have watched it over the past few years, I have been struck by the fact that Joanna and Chip often feature other local businesses and artisans in their show. I am certain they could have gotten away without highlighting other vendors, but because the kind of people they are, they obviously felt it was important to give a little air time to these other businesses.

I came across a post on Entrepreneur’s website which discussed how the success of Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper, has changed the whole economic landscape of their small town. As they succeed and start more businesses, the employ more people, and other commerce springs up to support those people.

During the great recession in the mid 2000’s we saw how that worked, only in reverse. The more Real Estate Values plunged, the less people were willing to invest, which is kind of foolish because that’s often the best time to purchase real estate. Even those people willing to invest were having trouble obtaining financing. It was a tough time. And yet, even in times like that, the situation brought together people with some money to invest, and they formed a larger pool of funds which could then be used to purchase properties, rent them out, then sell them once the market rose.

As real estate fell, other businesses began to struggle. The local dry cleaner no longer had as large a clientele, the copy shops weren’t filled with agents making flyers. The restaurants didn’t have the same busy Friday and Saturday nights because the people who still had jobs were holding on to their money, they weren’t dining out.

Other areas have seen the same situation. When a large local employer fails, the entire economic structure of a region can fail as well. But, there is always hope.

Everywhere in America there are people like Chip and Joanna who, through their business, change the lives of people in towns like Waco. As their business grows it then spawns other businesses to support theirs. Like their favorite carpenter, Clint Harp, and the support staff Clint has hired to work his growing business.

This situation is happening all over this country, and I would venture to say, it is even spilling over into other countries. When a company who values their community succeeds, and it helps other businesses succeed and they help other businesses grown and succeed, then that is the best of how this country works. If you have a dream and you can hold on long enough to find the customers who will do business with you and give you referrals, then you have no limits. Just ask us…

I would like to think that in some small way we at Central Comm have helped the cities and towns where we are located. As our business grows, so does the economy in areas we serve. As we put people to work, they can use more services and in turn, those service companies will grow and hire more people.

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