Award Winning Answering Service

Award of Excellence for Central Comm

AT Central Comm we don’t provide Award winning service just so that we can win awards. Yes, we are proud of the awards we have received, but only in as far as they are an independent measure of our commitment to excellence.

We truly can be your cheerful, professional person that greets people as they call into your office. It could be that you are operating out of an office in your home, or perhaps a warehouse, and you don’t have a physical need for a front desk and a receptionist. That is okay, you don’t need one, we can still be “out front,” friendly and professional for you, just not in your bricks and mortar location. And we hope to do this with excellence!

Study upon study mentions that customers and potential customers are unhappy with voicemail trees, and when a live person answers your phone, how integral that person is to whether you will get that potential customer’s business or not.

While we do have scripts provided by you from you on how we should answer certain questions, and for how we should establish contact with your people, our operators are well versed in how to handle customer calls. If a question that is asked is not part of something that has been addressed in the script, they will endeavor to find that answers instead of just throwing their hands up in the air!

Central Comm has great operators who help make this company an award winning one. Without them, without their expertise and enthusiasm, we would love to show you how we work and how we win awards..

Central Comm

Nationwide Answering Service