Why You Need An Answering Service

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Why DO you need an answering service? Honestly, do you ever feel like you can never turn off at the end of the day?  You know what it’s like to feel your phone ringing when you’re out with family or friends. You grab your cell, take a look at the screen and see it’s an unknown number dialing your business.   What do you do?  Do you offend your family and friends to grab the call only to discover it’s another robocall?

Even worse what happens when you are just a one-person operation, and you handle everything yourself.  You can’t do everything and answer the phone for basic questions.  How will ever get anything done if you are tied to your phone and can’t do the tasks that need to done?

An answering service or virtual receptionist is the solution to both problems.

At Central Comm, we can set up answers to your most frequently asked questions. If the caller simply needs direction, office hours, and some basic product information, we can handle that for you. WE can take things further.  How nice would it be to refer billing calls straight to the billing department, while getting that important customer call forwarded directly to your line?

If you are preparing to host a big training class or seminar, how are you going to prepare all of your handouts if you are busy handling RSVP’S? We can take care of that for you as well. If you are a small service company and you are weary of trying to make your service calls, and answer phone calls, Guess what? Central Comm can take care of that task as well.

So give yourself a break. The money you spend on our service will be insignificant compared to your piece of mind and increased productivity. Now is the time for you to take control back of your business and an answering service puts you back in the drivers seat and able to concentrate on how to build your business.


Central Comm

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