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coporate wellness, fitness, answering phones for fitness companiesIf you are looking for a  new career then getting in on the ground floor of the Corporate Wellness Industry is a great place to begin. According to Inc. Magazine, the corporate wellness Industry is thought to be in the $7 billion range. Business owners lose millions of dollars each year in their health care costs, in lost productivity by stressed or sick workers. Offering Wellness programs for employees could end up saving huge amounts of money. Most of the largest health care providers have their own versions of Wellness Programs which they offer to their own clients. Big Health Care Services Providers have a wealth of information about Fitness, Nutrition, and Heart Health on their websites. They offer advice on how to begin a fitness program, and what to do to maintain a level of fitness. The Health Insurance Companies know it is in their best interest to keep us healthy. The more fit we are, the less we use the Insurance we pay for..

People in their 30’s and 40’s are likely to own some type of fitness tracking device. They understand that movement means a stronger, leaner body. They aspire to own less, spend less, live greener and smaller, and stay healthy and fit.They want to do business with and work for companies who care about the environment, give back to their communities and show they care about their workforce. This is the way that younger people are moving.

If you are already involved in massage, personal training, yoga, pilates, you may want to contemplate forming an association, or even a partnership, and putting together a wellness package for local companies.

We love to inspire new businesses…more customers for us. I think that is what’s known as a win win..

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