Central Communications Answering Services Can Save You Money

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My Website people tell me that it is very important for people to be able to find your contact information easily on the site. I told them, but we have a website, it has information, it has our email. They said, John, people still like to call and speak to a live operator. As someone who owns Central Communications, it delights me that potential customers still want to speak with .  

We have operators on the job 24/7 and 365. But do you? If you aren’t working with Central Comm using one of our services, what would it cost you to hire your own team of operators? Would they all be properly trained? Could they all track the calls and deliver the information in a useful manner? How expensive would that be? And what about the calls that go to someone’s voicemail and never get returned?

If you are worried that it might be to expensive to hire us as your Answering Service, Dispatch Service, E-Commerce Support or Virtual Receptionist, then give us a call. We have several different types of plans, and we can tailor those to grow with your business. It’s much less expensive than losing a customer, or a potential customer because they couldn’t get through to speak with someone.

Give us a call..let’s talk.

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