Problem Solving

One of the reasons that Central Communications is so good at what we do is our ability to solve problems. That is one thing that does not come as a required or even elective course in most high schools or … Continued

A Quality Website for Your Business

Ten years ago most of thought of a Website a a static place holder on the Web. A rack card in the midst of a million other rack cards, just sitting there, not doing much. Fast forward to today. Websites … Continued

How To Build a Strong Team

They say it takes a village to raise a child. In most cases, it take a team to build a strong company, just as it takes a village to raise a child. Solo entreprenuerships are more rare than we think. … Continued

What Do YOU Do Better Than Your Competitor?

What is it that makes your company different from the rest of the companies in your field? What DO you do better than the others? What differentiates you? Those are tough questions. Most people say, “I deliver a better quality  … Continued

The Importance of Punctuality

Whether you work for a company, like Central Comm, or you are your own boss, it’s important you be on time for your appointments and commitments. To most people, habitual lateness is a sign of disrespect. It can get you … Continued

Answer Your Phone !!!

Ever had one of those days when you just REALLY needed to talk to someone. Person to person. Not via email, text or voice mail. When I am having one of those mornings, after the second or third attempt you can … Continued

Answering the Call

Who’s answering the calls coming into your business? Are you trying to do it all yourself? Is there one receptionist for 100’s of inbound calls? There might be a better way to keep up with your business calls, and I … Continued

Time for a New Plan

  As we grow our business, the tendency is to keep doing what we have done to get our business to where it is today. But is that wise? There are services a business can use to help offload some … Continued

Just HOW Should You Answer the Phone?

  This is an old post from years ago, but I think it’s still applicable today. Perhaps even more so as many of us have turned to texting versus talking. Give a read, let us know what you think by … Continued

Ways to Improve Our Productivity

    There have been new studies coming out that show how most people have only a few hours of peak productivity in them each day. For some it’s the morning hours, for others it could be the afternoon, and … Continued