Time for a New Plan

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As we grow our business, the tendency is to keep doing what we have done to get our business to where it is today. But is that wise? There are services a business can use to help offload some of the more time consuming tasks and to leave you time to work on the things which will help to place you at the top of your field.

At Central Comm we have services which will help with those tasks. Our company offers Virtual Receptionists,  Answering Services, Dispatch services, Seminar RSVP help and more. We can also step in and take overflow calls if you already have an on-site receptionist.

Using Central Comm’s answering and Virtual Receptionist services will allow your customers and potential customers who call with last minute questions about a service or event you are holding to have their questions answered immediately. There have been numerous studies which prove that people really dislike being put through to voice mail when they have a question.

There are other companies which can be called in to help where you need the services but don’t have the time and expertise to hire in house.

Every company these days must have a state of the art website and social media presence. Marketing your brand in a professional, yet approachable manner is also important. I.T. support for your computer operations is critical. Taking steps to insure against hacking and data loss can be very expensive when you try to staff up in house. Outsourcing any of these things can be the best way to keep from being bogged down should things fail.

If you have not put a new business plan in motion for 2018 yet, perhaps considering and pricing out each of these options is something you would want to consider.


All of us here at Central Comm Riverside and Central Comm Nevada wish you a successful 2018!

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