Answer Your Phone !!!

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Ever had one of those days when you just REALLY needed to talk to someone. Person to person. Not via email, text or voice mail. When I am having one of those mornings, after the second or third attempt you can find me shouting into the phone “Answer your darned phone !!” I needed something clarified and I kept going to voice mail. Once I calmed down a bit, I was actually happy someone didn’t answer the phone on my third try, because they would have gotten an earful.

What could have prevented this situation from escalating? Well in my case, if someone had just answered the phone. On a stressful day, with a ton of things to get accomplished, having to spend time trying to get a simple question answered can put me in a spin.  DO you think this happens when your customers, or potential customers are trying to get in touch with you? I will bet money that it does.

When you hire Central Comm, either as a virtual receptionist, or as an answering service, when people call, they will speak to a person and that person will do their very best to either answer their questions, or to find someone who can.e=commerce suport, e-commerce order fulfillment, virtual receptionist, answering services irvine, answering services San Diego

What about this scenario? You answer your phone, but it’s clear that you are in the middle of doing some other tasks. Perhaps you were focused on a project, or you have stepped out of a meeting to quickly take the call. It’s likely you will sound stressed and perhaps rushed, which in turn is going to send bad signals both to the person on the other end of your call, and to the person to whom you are not giving your full attention.

At Central Comm we are not rushed or distracted, it’s our job to focus our full attention to each person who calls your number. We save customers you might otherwise lose to distracted interactions. In some cases, the quality of the person who is answering the phone can win you knew business.


Central Comm, at your service, answering your calls.


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