What Do YOU Do Better Than Your Competitor?

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What is it that makes your company different from the rest of the companies in your field? What DO you do better than the others? What differentiates you? Those are tough questions. Most people say, “I deliver a better quality¬† of service”. Or, “we really care about our customers”. Those are fine, but guess what? That’s what your competitor is saying as well. So what really sets you apart?

When people ask us that question, we look at our company and try to pick out a few things to bring forward. The first thing I can think of is our people. We truly are fortunate to have a great staff and we do work as a team. It’s customer’s first with us and we really mean it. Our people often go above and beyond for our customers. There’s is very little of that passing the buck attitude here are Central Comm.

At Central Comm we really do invest in our people. We train our operators well, we check to see how they are coming along and if there are things we can do to help them improve, then we do that. When they do a great job, we try to let them know, but there are plenty of times where doing a great job is their everyday performance, and they take pride in that, and aren’t worried about whether we said thank you.

We also invest in good software and hardware in order to remain state of the art in the level of service we can offer our customers. When you add it all up, we hope our investments in our staff and our equipment shows that Central Communications truly is a company that offers a superior level of customer service.

Now, back to our question. What do YOU do better than your competitor?


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