Our World Is Changing- Can You Keep Up?

Have you been to Panera or McDonald’s lately? There are tablets now, stationed at the front of the stores, where you input your order. These order stations even take cash now. Can you see the future? It’s here and its going to be very different, and finding where we fit in this new world is […]

Problem Solving

One of the reasons that Central Communications is so good at what we do is our ability to solve problems. That is one thing that does not come as a required or even elective course in most high schools or colleges, yet it is an essential part of our ability to succeed in life.

A Quality Website for Your Business

Ten years ago most of thought of a Website a a static place holder on the Web. A rack card in the midst of a million other rack cards, just sitting there, not doing much. Fast forward to today. Websites are wehre potential clients go to check and see if you are legitimate. If your […]

Women Owned Small Businesses

      Women owned businesses are on the rise faster than in the past. I think it’s partially because women feel more emboldened than ever before. It’s also because owning your own business allows for some flexibility that an hourly job doesn’t always give you. It’s also a way to innovate and bring new […]

How You Treat Your Customers Matters

When you have been in business as long as Central Comm, you know for certain that it’s customer service that sets you apart from other businesses. In some instances, you are offering a product which is not truly unique, so what will differentiate you from your competition? It’s probably not price. In our case, we […]


We have talked about this subject  before here on our blog. Outsourcing certain tasks and even entire departments for the sake of expedience and expertise. When companies hire Central Communications, they are outsourcing.

Why Do I Need An 800 Number?

  When customers sign up for our services, we supply them with an 800 number which can be used to recieve ¬†business calls. Most of the time people appreciate having the convenince of a dedicated phone number for their business, but some of the startups are reluctant to use anything other than there personal cell […]

Planning Your Systems Upgrade

One would think a company will only require the services of Central Communications in certain instances, and they could be right, OR they could be wrong. There are all different sets of circumstances where our company can be of assistance to the companies who hire us. 

Central Comm’s People Pay Attention

Time and time again, people who hire us to answer phones for their company are amazed at the level of service we provide. I know everyone says that, but in our case it’s true. I have listened to our operators work calmly with callers who are absolutely panicked, or frustrated, or just in need of […]

Phone Personalities

At Central Communications, our people are phone people. You can’t do this type of job and not be someone who likes to talk on the phone. We handle Answering Service calls, Virtual Receptionist duties, Seminar Registration and Follow up, Dispatch Services, E-Commerce Support for internet companies and Medical Serivce Companies, Attorneys Offices and Doctors Offices. […]